Nicholas Stix: Devious Neocon Agenda In Trayvon Martin Lynch Mob Coverage
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In its continuing luminous consideration of the Trayvon Martin Memorial Lynch Mob, Nicholas Stix Uncensored has identified an important truth:

Here Heather MacDonald criticizes the media and race hustlers for not being interested in black homicide victims…
For roughly 20 years, the neoconservative script has been to criticize affirmative action for the “harm” if supposedly causes black recipients (“stigma”), whereas said recipients are laughing all the way to the bank, while the real victims of AA are white, heterosexual men. I think this slant is because the older neoconservatives made it, and burned their bridges behind them, while the bratpackers who succeeded them have known nothing but nepotistic privilege.

When neocons now deal with crime and race, which is with ever less frequency, it is to bemoan the black victims of black crime, and ignore the white victims.

Heather Macdonald may be a poor polemicist, but as Federale recently noted her heart is in the right place – which is definitely not true of the NR management.

Pat Buchanan  acknowledged yesterday Trayvon And Zimmerman—It's All About Race Now. Peter Brimelow realized this much earlier in the Obama Administration: Yes, It is About Race. Quite Right Too.

Orders from Neocon Central to the NR flunkeys are clear: obstruct the serfs from realizing this. At all costs, no GAP!

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