Jeb Bush: Favorite Client of National Republiwhore
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From Politico I learn Jeb makes cover of National Review: the wonderful news that the check cleared and the girly-boys have rushed to set the table for Jeb Bush for the 2012 GOP nomination. Politico writer Ben Smith reports

We’ve been picking up a lot of interest about Jeb in ‘12 among conservatives," said National Review editor Rich Lowry in an email. "We’ve put him on the cover in light of that, and of his continuing importance in the broader policy debate.

Of course, no one possessing a shred of conservatism could possibly have any enthusiasm for Jeb Bush who as recently as last month was trumpeting his dedication to the open borders cause. In fact none of the other prospects, deplorable though they are, has such a clear record on the matter, as we have repeatedly documented, for instance here and here.

Quite apart from this, there is the issue of the wisdom of further building a Bush Monarchy. This is especially true considering Jeb Bush has a half Mexican son, George P.—whose ethnicity Steve Sailer has suggested had a lot to do with the GWB Amnesty fixation.

But what would cause this pathetic remnant of a once important periodical reach past all the other lightweight hacks and get involved with another inevitably controversial Bush? With all the inevitable baggage that involves—and the damage it will entail to their inherited franchise?

Personally, as with the whole sorry story of putrefaction at NR, I smell Neocon money. That is why Treason Lobby extremism is not a liability for Jeb Bush—in fact, it is an asset.

What a humiliating end to the credibility of what in early days we used to call the Goldberg Review. Peter Brimelow reached in his snowdrift in Dallas this morning with these tidings proposed a new name: The National Republiwhore.


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