NewsNation Journos: "Don't Mention All The Murders"
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From the New York Times news section:

Journalists Rebel at NewsNation, a Newcomer in Cable News

I only watch the World Series, the Super Bowl, major golf championships, and local riots on TV, so I never heard of NewsNation, but apparently it’s a cable news network that is attempting to be what CNN used to be:

Two top editors at the channel’s new prime-time newscast resigned amid staff complaints of a right-wing tilt and concern over the involvement of the former Fox News chief Bill Shine.

By Katie Robertson
March 7, 2021

Last summer, a staff of more than 150 people started putting together “NewsNation,” a three-hour prime-time cable news show that was billed as a throwback to the just-the-facts news programs of TV’s golden age. Unlike the prime-time shows on CNN, Fox News and MSNBC filled with partisan monologues and fiery discussions, “NewsNation” would serve up unbiased news reports in a straightforward manner.

But now, six months after its debut, “NewsNation” has abysmal ratings and disaffected staff members who say it has not lived up to Mr. Compton’s billing. In recent weeks, the news director and managing editor have resigned. Six people at the network, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to reveal internal discussions, said “NewsNation” has increasingly become a venue for right-wing views. …

Staff members were also critical of a Feb. 3 appearance by Bo Dietl, a former New York Police Department detective and conservative pundit. Mr. Dietl appeared on “NewsNation” to comment on the fatal shooting of two F.B.I. agents in Florida. After a discussion of the case, Mr. Donlon, the anchor, asked Mr. Dietl why the murder rate had risen in some American cities. “It’s very simple,” Mr. Dietl said. “It’s the political liberal Democratic values that are being forced upon us.”

How dare this view be allowed on the air. Everybody knows that the huge increase in murders following George Floyd’s death on Memorial Day was a delayed reaction to Covid and had nothing to do with the media-declared “racial reckoning.”

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