News Alert: Rap Singers Meet Without Killing Each Other
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Have a look at this headline posted by the Associated Press earlier today:

Hip-hop stars on best behavior at awards show By Dean Goodman , November 12, 05

Ok look, there was this one incident a long time ago—there was a judge, something about anger management and basically it comes down to this:

I am not allowed to read any news reports which contain the words "hip-hop" or "awards show."

But there had to be more to this story! Why would Reuters run a "nothing happened" headline? I decided to read the article: "The furniture stayed intact and tempers were kept in check on Saturday at the third annual Vibe awards..."

Ooh...did you hear what happened? A group of human beings met in public and nothing happened! Everybody was clapping and cheering when this chair didn't fly through the window—now that is a sight to not see!

The decline of society is pretty much complete when good manners and civility are shocking.

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