Gardening —Native American Style
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Memo to multiculturalists and their media parrots: My wife and I are avid gardeners, and shortly after moving to Wisconsin in August we enrolled in Sauk County's 13-week "Master Gardener Program." Upon completion of this course (in theory, at least), we will be able to look down our noses at the "ordinary" gardener. Said VDARE's Joe Guzzardi, "This class will be a nice diversion from the immigration issue." Wrong. The speaker at our most recent class works for the Sauk County Land Conservation Department, and her subject was "Native Plants - Why?" In other words, be careful of what you stick in the soil if you care at all about your original environs. "Invasive" is the operative word here. Such plants often show up where they don't belong by sheer accident, i.e., their seeds are carried by the wind or in bird or animal droppings, etc. But, increasingly, she said, an area's original beauty can be destroyed because people deliberately add "exotic" plants to their landscaping in order to achieve, uh, you know: horticultural diversity. "We all bought into the idea of biodiversity," she said, which in a natural state is fine. Where "biodiversity" goes haywire is when we humans, with little thought given to the consequences, attempt to create such a system believing that the various elements introduced will be compatible with each other and ignoring the possibility that one of them will end up dominating all the rest. Hmmmmmmm.

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