New York City Increases Security for Marathon Following Truck Jihad
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Big sporting events like marathons are catnip to Islamo murderers, and the deaths on Halloween from the Uzbek truck jihadist has reminded the city that it remains a top target for Allah killers.

CBS reported on the increased security measures for Sunday’s New York City Marathon, a top running event for elite athletes that features a memorable route through all five boroughs. The city will add more blocking vehicles, more snipers and additional police officers to guard the runners from New York’s famous diversity — although it must be noted that the Uzbek killer lived across the river in New Jersey.

Still, the city’s Muslim population counts over a million persons, so many that schools close for Islam holidays. Perhaps they can add Jihad-o-ween for October 31.

All this security from diversity doesn’t come cheap, although dollar figures are not available to the public. Apparently ruling elites don’t want little citizens to learn the cost of admitting huge numbers of potential enemies: in fact, the US has admitted more than two million immigrants from majority Islamic nations since 9/11. The number of Middle Easterners in 1970 was a manageable 200,000, but Muslim immigration was later loosed upon the country. Not every Allah-follower is a stone-cold murderer, but some are, due to the Koranic instructions to “kill them wherever you find them”

But back to the cost of protecting citizens from diversity, remember that the more Muslims, the more expensive public safety becomes. The 2012 London Olympics cost $2 billion for security, a stunning amount even though the events lasted two weeks and were spread around various venues. In 2016, former Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis remarked that security costs for his city’s famous marathon quadrupled since the murderous jihad attack in 2013, but he didn’t give a dollar amount.

Below, Muslim immigrants Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev exploded bombs in the 2013 Boston Marathon that killed three and injured dozens.

Before Muslim immigration, Americans didn’t face time-consuming screening for airline flights and didn’t have to pay the bill for anti-terrorist security for a footrace. It’s not like the United States needs any immigrants given the automated future; we certainly should stop admitting an enemy tribe that is murdering our fellow citizens.

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