NeoCon Bigfoot: Trump Right About Stopping Muslim Immigration
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As I remarked in Conrad Black: Trump Stood By Me When Needed (Unlike Wm. F. Buckley)

Positive Op-Eds about Trump are in fact as rare as hen’s teeth.
Another even more astonishing hens tooth sprang out on Saturday with Real Clear Politics’ carrying of PJMedia’s post In Your Heart, You Know He's Right: Trump and Muslim Immigration by Roger L. Simon

(I sadly realize that not everyone will know that this is a highly provocative repeat of the hallmark Goldwater slogan of ’64)

Simon says in his worth-reading essay

So along comes this supposedly vulgar guy Donald Trump, who has the audacity to say we should suspend Muslim immigration until we "figure things out." I'd like to say when I first heard him say that I winced. How Unconstitutional! How Un-PC! But I didn't. I stared at the television, nodded, and quietly said: "Right on!" ]
Simon adds have to start somewhere and, sadly, there is no such thing as a real cure — not one that is in any sense immediate. The root of the problem is Islam itself — in dire need of a reformation that may be impossible within its own twisted ideology. At the very least we can keep our country free of it, or relatively.
For a moment I thought this might be an epiphany by Politico’s fanatically anti-white correspondent, but this turns out to be from Roger L. Simon, a more distinguished 73 year old gentleman who perhaps can afford to take this career risk. But it will wreck his social life in NY (I know.)

Wikipedia reports

Simon remained conventionally liberal until the 1990s when he began asking questions in response to events such as the O.J. Simpson murder trial… And then came 9/11."[11] Simon experienced a political transformation in which he felt alienated from what he saw as the excesses of the Left after the realities of the September 11 attacks
They keep getting mugged by reality. What a pity the rest of us have to the pay such a  price for this obtusely slow process.


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