Nehlen Vs. Ryan On Twitter—Paul Ryan Blames The Alt-Right, But Doesn't Know What It's Called
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The fight between primary challenger Paul Nehlen and Speaker Paul Ryan—discussed by James Kirkpatrick and and Allan Wall—is heating up, and you can see it heating up on Twitter.

This is from White House Reporter Charlie Spiering:

First, Ryan seems to hardly know what the Alt-Right is, and second, the idea that one strain of conservatism is "virulent" shows Ryan is in thrall to the Narrative—he wants to be part of the nice conservatism, because he heard in school how evil real conservatives are. Ryan knows he's in trouble, because he's saying he'd support Border Security, although what we—and the voters—want is someone who supports deportation.

No one believes him, anyhow:

And  The Last Refuge points to the stakes:

And Republicans don't feel happy about Ryan's "True Conservative" position on Free Trade:

Ryan may think he's facing people like us who identify as nationalists—what he's actually in trouble with is the American Nation.

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