"Mork and the Immigrant"—70s Comedy And Electing A New, Alien People
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Above is an episode of late 70s comedy Mork And Mindy, starring the late Robin Williams as Mork, a visitor from another planet, and Pam Dawber as Mindy. It's Mork and the Immigrant, January 11, 1979  and here's the description.

Mork is warned by a young Russian immigrant that all aliens in the United States must register. When Mork tries to report, he throws the Immigration Bureau into total confusion.
Mork is intrigued by the voting procedure in a democracy. After learning from Mindy that at least three voters are needed to prevent ties, Mork meets Sergei, a young student cellist recently immigrated from Russia who is looking for a place to stay, and moves him into Mindy's apartment to resolve their domestic voting problem.

You see, since Mork, a visitor from another planet, is a guest in Mindy's house, he and she aren't really a democracy, but he doesn't quite get it, so she explains diplomatically that since there are exactly two of them, they can't settle things by voting because it will inevitably result in a tie.

So Mork meets a Russian immigrant—a refugee from Communism—who is temporarily homeless:

Sergei: I wanted to be part of this democracy, ja.

Mork: You know about democracy?

Sergei:  Oh, ya, I study this, mm-hmm.

Mork: Mindy and I are forming a democracy.

Sergei: Leaping lizards.No faking?

Mork: Yes. And you could be a third so we can vote and I can ask you questions.You can come and live with us.

Sergei: Oh, I don't  want make trouble on you.

Mork: Oh, no trouble, no trouble.

Mork: Mindy'll be happy when she finds out about this.

Sergei: Who is this Mindy?

Mork: Oh, she's the girl I live with.

She's also the girl who owns the apartment. (She and Mork are just friends, because he's from a planet where they don't have sex.)

Later, at Mindy's apartment:

Mork: Sergei's going to be part of our democracy.

Mindy: Oh, that's great.  Listen, you're going to love living in this country.

Mork: No, I mean our democracy. Sergei's gonna be our third, so we can vote. He's gonna live with us.

Sergei: Ja.

This is the same thing the Democrats have been doing with their "Electing a New People."

Mindy: Can I talk to you for a moment?

Mork: I think we should vote on that. I vote no, what do you think, Sergei?

Sergei: I'm with you, Mork.

Mork: Two to one, you lose.

Mindy: (gritted teeth)I want to talk to you.

Mork: We just voted on that.

Mindy: (gritted teeth) Now!

Mork: Oh, that's a different story.

They finally get it resolved, and return to the status quo ante, but not before Mindy has to explain that she pays the rent, and Mork says

"Mindy, I don't think our democracy's working too well. Let's have a dictatorship instead, okay? I'll be the tyrant and you'll be the peon. Huh? Huh? Can I be the tyrant? Huh? Can I be the tyrant? Come on, now."

And if you think about it, that's just what Hillary was saying.

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