More on Steve Sailer's Buyout Option For France's Muslims
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Steve blogged about this in May [ The Sailer-Sarkozy Immigrant Buyout Scheme] after proposing that Europe pay Muslims to go home in 2005,[A Buyout Option For Europe's Muslims] and here it is again in the news. France gets tough on illegal immigration, setting quotas for arrests, expulsions, [Associated Press, June 4, 2007]An excerpt:

"The French Republic will be extremely firm. It will ensure laws are applied," Fillon said, adding: "Naturally, these laws must be applied with the greatest humanity." Many saw Sarkozy’s proposal as a nod to the electorate on the extreme right, which long has made fighting immigration one of its main causes. "Generosity is not opening wide the borders without thought for how people will integrate, how they will live, how they will subsist," Fillon said. Hortefeux, in his meeting with security officials, also insisted on the need to develop a system of paying illegal immigrants to voluntarily return home, setting the number of paid departures at 2,500 for this year _ a 25 percent increase from 2006. Those volunteering to leave, as part of a program started in late 2005, are given a fixed sum of money, normally $4,700 per couple, with $1,350 each for the first three children.

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