Giuliani Debate Blogging
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Marc Ambinder in the Atlantic blog:

. The much-anticipated clash between McCain and Romney on immigration came 28 minutes in, although it was Giuliani, showing he was up to snuff on the details of the legislation, who came away with the applause lines.

You'd never know that Giuliani, as mayor of NYC, was adamant that he didn't have to enforce immigration laws.

Matthew Yglesias also on the Atlantic's website:

7:25 I can't believe Rudy is trying to get away with evading the fact that as mayor of New York City he actually sued to defend his right to not enforce immigration laws.

Here's how Heather Mac Donald described Giuliani's immigration record it in 2004

Immigration politics have had the same deleterious effect in New York. Former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani sued all the way up to the Supreme Court to defend the city’s sanctuary policy against Congressional override. A 1996 federal law declared that cities could not prohibit their employees from cooperating with the INS. Oh yeah? said Giuliani; just watch me. He sued to declare the 1996 federal ban on sanctuary policies unconstitutional, and though he lost in court, he remained defiant to the end. On September 5, 2001, his hand-picked charter revision committee ruled that New York may still require that its employees keep immigration information confidential to preserve trust between immigrants and government. Six days later, several former visa-overstayers conducted the most devastating attack on the city and the country in history. Center for Immigration Studies |Crime & the Illegal Alien |The Fallout from Crippled Immigration Enforcement, June 2004

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