More On Ports And The National Question
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James Pinkerton In Newsday seems to have grasped that England isn't Arabia, which is something that neither the Wall Street Journal nor the President of The United States seems to grasp.He quotes the President as saying: "I want those who are questioning it to step up and explain why all of a sudden a Middle Eastern company is held to a different standard than a great British company." Well, that's simple; only some of the British are Arabs, while all of the Arabs are Arabs, and after recounting all the sins of the UAE, (which are numerous) Pinkerton adds:

So in challenging critics of the port deal, the president actually put the issue the wrong way. The critics aren't holding the U.K. and the UAE to a different standard; they are holding the two countries to the same standard. And according to that single standard, Britain and the UAE look different: The British look sterling, while the Arab Emirates look mottled, at best.[Bush won't fight ports deal By James P. Pinkerton Feb 23, 2006]

In the meantimed, via Mickey Kaus, I see that Grover Norquist is saying "The only whiners left by next week will be the registered bigots."

Grover Norquist thinks bigots ought to be registered? He would.

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