More Gems From Lou Barletta's Amnesty Press Conference
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Boehner Cantor

Speaker Boehner & Majority Leader Cantor: "Someone needs to poke them with a stick"

There were some other good things in Lou Barletta’s Press Conference about the Obamacrat Administrative Amnesty Coup d’état on Monday. (Of course, it is disgraceful that he has had to call for hearings: but the House Immigration subcommittee was mysteriously slow to react to last year’s Amnesty serving too.)

Barletta contends that…Congress passed a law in 1996 that takes that ability away from the president in cases involving immigration issues.

"By using prosecutorial discretion, the president is actually ordering federal immigration officers to break the law by not enforcing the law," Barletta said. "The 1996 law is very specific that federal immigration officials must enforce the immigration laws and it is not their discretion whether they can or cannot”

…Barletta said he learned of the 1996 law approved by Congress during recent discussions with Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach. Kobach is an attorney representing Hazleton in its ongoing court battles over the local immigration law.

Barletta criticizes Obama Administration for 'prosecutorial discretion By Sam Galski July 3, 2012

I find it very odd that this has taken so long to surface.

Ira Mehlman, the most effective voice at the depressingly ineffectual Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) produced an incisive comment, saying

…it was "heartening" that Barletta was challenging the Obama administration's order. Mehlman said both Republicans and Democrats, regardless of how they feel about the policy, should be concerned about the executive branch seizing Congress' power.

"[Obama is] usurping more and more authority, more and more discretion, and no one at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue is doing anything about it," Mehlman said. "The leadership has just not been there. Someone needs to poke them with a stick to see if the leadership is still breathing."

( emphasis.)

Congressman Barletta challenges President Obama over immigration order By Colby Itkowitz, The Morning Call July 02,2012

A Treason Lobby operative made a significant contribution too.

Ben Winograd, an attorney at the American Immigration Council, an advocacy group for immigrants, said Barletta is interpreting the law too broadly.

The idea that anyone who successfully sneaked across the border must be automatically detained and placed in removal proceedings — no administration has followed that interpretation of the law since 1996," Winograd said.

( emphasis.) After all, just because someone enters your home and starts stealing things, you would not automatically think of ejecting him, would you?

America’s Immigration disaster has been created by her rulers.

I note in passing that Ben Winograd is a 2010 graduate of the elite Georgetown Law School.

As with Joel Kotkin, one wonders why Ben Winograd hates his fellow Americans so much he has chosen a career undermining their living standards by promoting excessive immigration.

Ask Ben Winograd.

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