ICE SVU Back To The Strip Clubs, Picking Up Strippers And Not Deporting Them
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Scores Chicago - Stone Park, Illinois

Strippers depicted may or may not have Green Cards.

In a  defacto endorsement of the porn industry, U.S. Immigration and Customs Special Victims Unit (ICE SVU) has teamed with strip clubs to fight what it calls trafficking, something that used to be called white slavery.  This was the interstate transportation of women for immoral purposes, prohibited by the Mann Act, and like federal kidnapping statute for kidnapping, the Lindbergh Act, the purview of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for enforcement.  

ICE SVU which is unhappy with its statutory immigration law enforcement, is constantly seeking to expand its enforcement authority to the detriment of immigration law enforcement.

Chicago Tribune April 5, 2014 by Annie Sweeney
Feds, Strip Clubs Fighting Human Trafficking
It was a standard hotel conference room scene — slices of fresh fruit and muffins laid out next to coffee urns and bottles of water chilling on ice as the attendees straggled in, industry friends hugging hello and quickly catching up on personal lives.
The west suburban conference, though, was hardly typical, and before it got started a hotel manager, standing near TV cameras there to cover the event, even asked an organizer to leave his hotel chain's name out of remarks if possible.
The 100 or so attendees were dancers, doormen, valets and bartenders from six Chicago-area strip clubs. And they were there to meet with federal agents from the Department of Homeland Security about how they might offer help with a problem that has increasingly become a target of law enforcement investigations: sex trafficking.
All for naught though:
The training Dulin attended is part of a 3-year-old partnership between federal agents and the strip club industry that started after St. Louis-based club operator Michael Ocello found one of his clubs the target of a human trafficking investigation.
Though no charges came of it, Ocello said learning about the issue led him to reach out to federal law enforcement to offer his help. He has since organized a group called COAST — Club Operators Against Sex Trafficking — and has hosted more than 40 training sessions across the country, involving 200 clubs, run by Homeland Security agents and social service providers.

However, the continuing myth of sex trafficking has not stopped ICE SVU from pursuing this ethereal crime while ignoring real crimes like illegal alien dominated drug cartels in Chicago or illegal alien voters.

And the few victims appear to be predominately American citizens, just as most prostitutes in this country are American citizens.

Agents said U.S. citizens have been forced into trafficking as well through coercive measures.

Usually the crime of forcing a woman to turn tricks by an abusive pimp is in the jurisdiction of the local police department or the FBI if the woman is kidnapped or transported across State lines.  But ICE SVU is using this crime unrelated to immigration or customs law enforcement to not only poach on the FBI's turf, but to avoid fulfilling its statutory responsibility to arrest illegal aliens.
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