"Moody, Indecisive And Always Trying To Behave Like A Man, Why Ladies Make Truly Lousy Bosses "
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A friend sends this article from the U.K. Daily Mail by Amanda Platell about problems women have being good bosses.
I was a good manager of people, but a lousy risk-taker. With our typical propensity for multi-tasking, I was more comfortable doing ten things at once and keeping all the balls in the air than what was really needed, to focus on one task and nail that ball in the back of the net.
He wonders why a provocative, but also well-balanced, insightful, and interesting article like this one would seldom be published in an American newspaper. Is it being sold via subscription rather than on newsstands that makes American newspapers duller? Or is it because Fleet Street journalists are drunk all the time?
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