Monday's One Old Vet Amnesty News Collection: 19. Drudge 1 (Kind Of.)
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King O

H/T One Old Vet

Today, One Old Vet, recovering I understand from sickness, has posted a compendium of 19 Amnesty related stories.

Of these perhaps the most unusual and interesting was the link to Raul Labrador debuts as immigration contrarian by Victoria DeFrancesco Soto 02/15/2013.

Labrador is Puerto Rican and Mormon,representing the 1st District of Idaho in the House. For both those characteristics I would trust Labrador on the issue no further than I could throw him. His Numbers USA grade is only B

What is interesting about the story is that DeFrancesco Soto has the intellectual honesty to note that Latinos have not historically been monolithic about liking Amnesty/Reconquista

The lack of political support for undocumented immigrants among Latino leaders is not new. In fact, one of the most outspoken leaders against undocumented immigrants was labor leader Cesar Chavez. In the formative days of Latino politics in the 1960s, U.S.-based Latinos viewed undocumented Latinos from Mexico as a direct economic, political, and cultural threat. In fact, leaders such as Chavez advocated for tighter control of the borders to prevent illegal immigration

As usual, One Old Vet picked out several stories for individual presentation. To my mind easily the most important of these is the link to Dems: Obama can act unilaterally on immigration reform By Mike Lillis The Hill  02/16/13

President Obama can – and will – take steps on immigration reform in the event Congress doesn't reach a comprehensive deal this year, according to several House Democratic leaders... they say the administration has the tools to move unilaterally if the bipartisan talks on Capitol Hill break down. Furthermore, they say, Obama stands poised to use them...

Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz.)...said there are "plenty" of executive steps Obama could take if Congress fails to pass a reform package. "The huge one," Grijalva said, is "the waiving of deportation" in order to keep families together.

"Four million of the undocumented [immigrants] are people who overstayed their visas to stay with family," he said Friday. "So that would be, I think, an area in which … there's a great deal of executive authority that he could deal with."

I think this is likely to happen - again. Obama has already merited impeachment by ruling by decree several times on immigration: the constraint clearly has been being sure that the Congressional GOP will heed its paymasters and turn a blind eye.

The Drudge Report, assiduously following orders, picked up none (0) of this - unless you count the story noting that Rand Paul was misquoted as taking a sensible Patriotic position: AP Withdraws Bogus Article Claiming Rand Paul Said Voters Want To Round Up Immigrants

Not reporting The Hill's story about even wider Administrative Amnesty possibilities is especially egregious.

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