MLK Day — Diversity Hectoring Opportunity?
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Propagandists in the liberal media appear focused on turning attention paid to black citizens' unique path to equality into a cheerleading session for multiculturalism.

Yep, editors figure it's a fine occasion to repeat the mantra, "Celebrate diversity" even though multiculturalism is a failed ideology because it ignores the tribal nature of human psychology. We humans like to be around others who share our values and understand our jokes and cultural references.

NPR beat the drum this morning by featuring a questionable study showing that diversity is good for business.

Herring has just completed his study. He found that companies that are more diverse have more customers, a larger share of their markets and greater profitability. In fact, when Herring puts his numbers on a graph, he finds a linear relationship between diversity and business success, meaning that as diversity increases, those business indicators increase in step. [In Boardrooms and in Courtrooms, Diversity Makes a Difference, Washington Post 1/15/07]

Color me unconvinced.

Of course, not all diversity is equal. The term has become a near-meaningless catch-all for race, culture, ethnicity and belief. Under the diversity kumbaya umbrella, a hard-working black American whose family goes back centuries in this country is equal to an FGM-practicing child-torturing Somali immigrant.

MLK Day was supposed to celebrate the peaceful struggle of citizen blacks to reach their American dream of equality under law and in society. Now many in the media relegate them to the back of the bus to concentrate on the imaginary joys of immigration diversity.


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