"The Failure Of A Few Of My Classmates To Understand The Concept Of Acting ..."
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An interesting comment on Isteve.com:

As one of a handful of white students in a nearly all-black elementary school in Northern NJ (in the early 80's), I was one of the stars of my school's play about MLK: I got to play the bus driver who told Rosa Parks to go to the back of the bus. The failure of a few of my classmates to understand the concept of acting made for some interesting times ("interesting" in the sense of the old Chinese curse). Steve Sailer: iSteve.com Blog Archives: Reflections on MLK Day

In related theatrical news, Mark Steyn has the story of a 1990 attempt to make a musical about Dr. King's life:

It couldn't have happened to a nicer show. The British composer had been an admirer of Martin Luther King since his schooldays; he went to Detroit to study gospel music; he spent months of Sundays in the Ebenezer Baptist Church; he took a non-violence philosophy course in Atlanta; against the claims of a rival version by the Crossroads actor Martin Smith, he secured the support of King's widow; equally impressive for someone who's never written a musical before, he pulled off a deal with Decca for a pre-production recording of the score.
And then the peace and harmony began to unravel.
Happy Martin Luther King Day—KING - THE MUSICAL from Broadway Babies Say Goodnight



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