Corporate Welfare Cresanti
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Slashdot is once again discussing H-1b visas.

"'The IT work force is not skilled enough and almost never can be skilled enough,' said Robert Cresanti, Under Secretary of Commerce for Technology. So what does the Poli Sci grad and ex-General Counsel for the ITAA think is the answer? Open the gates to more foreign workers, urged Cresanti, including H-1B holders."

So Cresanti is the high tech equivalent of "Brownie" of Katrina fame. A lawyer that needed a little better job, took one for which he wasn't vaguely qualified and in doing do created a mess for a lot of Americans.

For a long time, any meaningful discussion of H-1b visas was taboo on Slashdot. My own article The Jobs Crunch appeared there when such articles were much more rare. Projection: Republicans will lose the college educated white male vote again in the next presidential election if they keep this kind of stuff up.

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