Mexicans Polled See Meltdown Likely
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While pro-globalizer Washington is working toward a shotgun marriage with Mexico (aka SPP), the fiance is having a nervous breakdown. The level of violence and corruption has grown to such a level that half of Mexicans believe the whole house of cards is about to fall apart [ Mexico voters fear nation on edge of chaos, AP 5/17/06].

A poll published Friday in Excelsior newspaper found 50 percent of respondents feared the government was on the brink of losing control. [...]

Security is the top concern for Mexicans, and Fox has struggled to reform Mexico's notoriously corrupt police. Meanwhile, drug-related bloodshed has accelerated, with some cities seeing killings almost daily.

In April, suspected drug lords posted the heads of two police officers on a wall outside a government building where four drug traffickers died in a Jan. 27 shootout with officers in the Pacific resort of Acapulco.

Beheadings in Acapulco? The Tourist Board can't be happy about that.

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