Immigration Debate Update: Insane McCain And His Banana Bill
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Whew! Senator McCain is not happy today—not happy at all.

Responding to Senator Vitter's (R-Louisiana) remarks, Senator McCain objected to use of the term "amnesty" when describing the McCain/Kennedy bill.

He said "Call it amnesty, call it a banana if you want to, but it's earned citizenship."

Cranky McCain said we could call his bill a banana...ok, from now on I'll call it the Banana Bill.

Referring again to the word "amnesty" McCain said "Frankly I'm growing a little weary of it, I'm growing a little weary of it."

Yeah, and we're growing weary of you and your amnesty bill...oops, I mean Banana Bill.

And then the distinguished Senator from Arizona went off on a tangent the likes of which we rarely see outside a looney bin:

Again, addressing the cutie-pie Senator from Louisiana (Vitter) Mc Cain started talking about the children of illegal aliens who are currently serving in Iraq. He said...brace yourselves, people...he said,

"I wonder if the Senator from Louisiana wants to call a soldier fighting in Iraq and tell him that 'hey, while you're fighting over there, we're deporting your parents'."

Gracious, that man has been spending waaaay too much time with the Kennedy Clan—he's no longer able to argue the merits (or lack thereof) of his bill so he's introducing absurd, hypothetical situations.

And how tacky to use soldiers in Iraq...

There he is! My man, Saxy Chambliss (R-Georgia)!!

He just rose to speak in favor of the Vitter Amendment which would, in the words of John Mc Cain:

"Strip the guts of the current bill."

Yeah, the "current bill" is S.2611 which is basically the Mc Cain/Kennedy bill so...way to go Saxby!!

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