Immigration Debate Update: Cornyn Versus Kennedy, Raging Bull****
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I once described San Francisco Airport as a Ring of Hell (Dantesque)...and I stand by that description but there are far worse places in the World.

Anywhere near Senator Kennedy for example—and by "anywhere near" I mean "on the Hill" or "in the state of Massachusettes" or just "on the same planet."

I should have kept count but Kennedy has used the word "exploited" to describe the life of an illegal immigrant more times today than I have heard that word used—in any context—in the last thirty years.

What we have this afternoon is a battle between Senator Cornyn and Senator Kennedy. These two are literally going back and forth getting more intense by the word. Yeah, but they are still referring to each other as "my distinguished friend" or "my esteemed colleague" which at least provides an occasional laugh in their otherwise monotonous exchange.

In a nutshell, Cornyn doesn't like the McKennedy bill because it is basically a long-winded pile of garbage. The proposed Cornyn amendment would gut much of the bill (according to Mc Cain) and McKennedy is not happy about it.

Perhaps Kennedy fears he is losing support for the bill because he is practically hopping up and down he is so frustrated.

And now he's suggested the absence of a quorum—which is just a mechanism they use to buy time when they need to re-group...or in the case of Kennedy, maybe calm down a bit?

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