Mexican Number 3!
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The number one and two richest men in the world are probably recognizable names to most readers, namely the purveyor of second-rate computer software (as well as champ outsourcer and H-1B promoter) Bill Gates and the investment wizard of Berkshire-Hathaway Warren Buffett.

The new number three on the Forbes Billionaires list is not some oil-pumping sheik, but a Mexican, the telecom magnate Carlos Slim Helu, with an impressive net worth of $30 billion. He is one of 10 Mexican billionaires, compared with oil-rich Saudi Arabia's 11 billionaires.

The important point is that Mexico is a very wealthy country (as I wrote in "Mexico’s Rich Don't Like To Pay Taxes — They Think You Should"). Yet it works tirelessly to dump its unwanted peasants on the American taxpayer, even though Mexico could well afford to invest in its people and infrastructure.

But instead of investigating the economic and political system that supports Mexico's ultra-rich, our lazy media continues to travel the well-worn ruts of illegal alien sob stories about poor Juan and the millions like him.

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