Memo To Trump: Start Planning For A Northern Border Wall
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This is promising:
Donald Trump’s nominee to head the Department of Homeland Security promised that he would work to “rapidly” deport illegal immigrants.

“The Congress has passed longstanding laws making foreign nationals without legal status removable from the United States, and it is proper for DHS, like any other law enforcement organization, to faithfully execute the laws on the books,” retired Marine Corps Gen. John Kelly said in a written answer to questions by the Senate Homeland Security Committee as his confirmation hearing started Tuesday. [Trump's Homeland Security pick ready to deport illegals ASAP by Bob Fredericks; New York Post, January 11, 2017.]

We were disappointed that Kris Kobach didn't get the DHS job, but if Gen. Kelly's as good as his word, we may yet get immigration law enforcement, even perhaps — who knows? — a new Operation Wetback.

Meanwhile, the Friendly Giant To Our North is tilting in the opposite direction.

Way in the opposite direction:  Canada's Prime Minister, the winsome 14-year-old Justin Trudeau, just reshuffled his cabinet, bringing in a new Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship.  The new guy is a Somali.  Good grief!

In 2004, Ahmed Hussen was proclaimed a “Person to Watch” in the country’s biggest city for his community work in Regent Park. He told the Star at the time: “I don’t think I could handle the life of a politician . . . I don’t want to be front and centre.”

Flash forward to Tuesday, and there was Hussen, front and slightly to the right, swearing an oath to serve the Queen in front of a cluster of clicking cameras as he officially joined the reshuffled Liberal cabinet of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The rookie MP for York-South Weston has leapt from the backbench of the party to become Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, a position made all the more noteworthy for Hussen’s own story. He came to this country as a refugee from war-torn Somalia, settling on his own in a foreign land as a 16-year-old in 1993.  [Former refugee Ahmed Hussen takes over immigration ministry by Alex Ballingall; Toronto Star, January 10th 2017.]

It wouldn't be so bad if the guy had formerly been in some honest line of socially useful work: a nuclear physicist, short-order cook, male model, cop, opinion journalist, or property billionaire.  Nope:  he's another damn race-centric CultMarx "community organizer" parasite.
Just hours after formally assuming his new post, Hussen — who has been a lawyer, human rights advocate and community activist — said the trajectory of his life would affect how he approaches the job, just like it would for anyone else . . .

Hussen was first elected in 2015, part of the surge of votes that saw the Liberals nearly sweep Toronto and much of the surrounding area. Since coming to Ottawa as Canada’s first Somali-born MP, he has served on the Justice and Human Rights Committee as well as the Canada-Africa Parliamentary Association.

Prior to being elected, Hussen worked as a lawyer, practicing criminal defence, immigration and refugee law. He also served on the board of the Global Enrichment Foundation, which helps women in East Africa go to university and colleges in the region, as well as the board for the Toronto-based Journalists for Human Rights . . .

Hussen co-founded the neighbourhood association that pushed for the inclusion of more public housing in the $500-million redevelopment of the community, and eventually became a prominent voice as president of the Canadian Somali Congress.

Just roll that phrase around on your tongue for a minute or two: "the Canadian Somali Congress."

Then get writing, emailing, and calling your senators and representatives, demanding a big, beautiful wall along our northern border.


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