Meet Mary Mitchell: Another Reluctant Black Journalist
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Working for today's pro-illegal alien MSM that thrives on stifling the critical thinking process so necessary to good journalism must be tough for many reporters and their editors, who know something is dreadfully amiss but remain silent out of fear of losing their jobs. But it must be especially painful for black journalists, already betrayed by their leadership , as they meekly watch illegal immigration ordering many of their people back to the back of the political, economic and social bus. Take for example, this column by Mary Mitchell that deals with the dismissal of a black high school principal by a Hispanic controlled school board, Curie fiasco reveals growing rift between blacks, Hispanics, Chicago Sun-Times, March 20. Citing examples of what lies behind this growing tension Mitchell (e-mail her) says, "For instance, a lot of African Americans were disgusted when Elvira Arellano, an illegal immigrant, compared her plight to that of blacks during the civil rights movement." Mitchell says she also was disgusted. Swell. She goes on: "Then there's the competition for jobs. Although so many blacks have been locked out of the trade unions over the years that the Chicago Urban League now considers it a civil rights issue, Hispanics have had easier access.

"Unemployed black workers aren't blind. They see who's on the construction sites. They also understand that while they have been written out of Chicago's economic picture, skilled Hispanic laborers are welcome." So what does Mitchell propose? "Reforming immigration laws so illegals can be put on a path to citizenship." Does she really believe that citizenship will somehow lessen the competition for many of the jobs already stolen by illegals?

What Mitchell doesn't understand, or perhaps refuses to acknowledge, is that the politicians that run the city in which she works care nothing about the native-born working poor, and this sentiment was put into full public view on March 15 when the Chicago City Council voted 45-0 in favor of a resolution calling for a moratorium on immigration raids and deportations and also pays tribute to Elvira Arellano These generous and compassionate lawmakers also declared April 29 "Family Unity Day," pn which residents of the city should "gather peacefully in prayer and petitioning of their congressional representatives." The resolution can be seen here—you may have to click on "Show this post.") In other words the City Council, with the blessing of Mayor Daley, is asking all Chicagoans to join them in reaffirming the city's long-standing (and illegal) "sanctuary" policy that allows illegal aliens to go to the front of the job opportunities line ahead of the city's working poor that includes many blacks. Ms. Mitchell concludes: "So the longer this [school] matter drags on, the uglier the talk is going to get." Memo to Ms. Mitchell: No. What is going to make this situation "uglier" is journalists like you showing up at their desks each day minus their spines and looking the other way as ordinary Americans are sacrificed on the altar of cheap labor and votes.

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