McCain And Brownback Facing The Immigration Issue In Iowa
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The politics of immigration hit the fan in Iowa. Note the bit about the "once relatively homogenous population" in Iowa. When Democrats campaign in Iowa, they're appealing to voters outside the state, but the GOP candidate will actually need those Iowans to vote for him.

Beyond whatever influence it has as the state whose caucuses kick off the presidential nominating contest, Iowa has become something of a laboratory for the politics of immigration. Not only is it a place where industries like meatpacking rely heavily on immigrant workers and where a once relatively homogenous population is confronting an influx of Hispanic residents, but the presidential candidates who are criss-crossing the state are also providing forums for Iowans to express their views and influence national policy.

On Saturday morning in Des Moines, Brownback stood for 30 minutes at a breakfast with Republicans as question after question – without exception – was directed at an immigration system that Iowans denounced as failing. ”These people are stealing from us,” said Larry Smith, a factory owner from Truro and a member of the central committee of the state Republican Party.

Finally, Brownback, with a slight smile, inquired, ”Any other topics that people want to talk about?”[McCain and Brownback Discover Immigration is Big Issue For Iowans By Adam Nagourney , New York Times, March 20, 2007

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