Massive Riot Shuts Down Trump Rally In Chicago
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A massive, planned riot in Chicago has shut down a Trump rally—Ed Driscoll reports at Instapundit:

‘WHOA’: TRUMP RALLY IN CHICAGO REPORTEDLY CANCELLED; Update from Trump campaign; Update: ‘Absolute chaos’; Update: ‘Nazis’ vs. ‘Communists’; Update: Now going after police cars, cops; Update: Trump tells MSNBC, ‘you can’t even have a rally anymore in this country.’

UPDATE:  Alex Seitz-Wald of MSNBC tweets, “Big (unofficial) pro-Sanders group that grew out of Occupy takes credit for pro-Sanders Trump rally disruptions.” He links to this tweet by the “People For Bernie” account:


“We are the danger,” People for Bernie adds:


“Buzzfeed reporter [Tracy Clayton] celebrates Chicago chaos and intolerance,” writes Richard Grenell:



obamasplitscreenRemember the massive moral panic caused by incidents like a 78-year old man punching a young black man, and a lady reporter being grabbed by the arm? It's also featured by Ed Driscoll at Instapundit in this blog item, asking "WHAT IF OBAMA DID WHAT TRUMP DOES?"

Give me a break: Obama's supporters set fire to Ferguson and Baltimore—and now this.

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