"Black Protester Punched By White Trump Supporter"—The NEW YORK TIMES Finally Puts The Race Of An "Attacker" In The Headline
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This Tweet from NYT reporter Alan Rappeport [Email him] is a typical product of  what Pat Buchanan called the "Trumphobic New York Times" earlier tonight, but it contains something unusual—a headline mention of the race of attacker and victim.

When I consider how much detective work we generally have to do to find out these details, and the fact that the NYT practically invented the whole "hiding the race of the attacker" thing in the sixties, it's amazing how easy that is for them, when it's the almost unknown case of a white person attacking a black. It turns out that the white man was 78-year old John McGraw, wearing a cowboy hat, and the black victim was a young guy named Rakeem.

Now maybe the NYT can try this the next time a young black man punches a 78 year old woman on a New York street, Knockout Game style—"White Pedestrian Punched By Black Obama Supporter."

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