"Massive Human Rights Violations" In ICE Detention Facilities
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The only problem is that the highlights of the alleged violations consist of not enough telephones and HIV infected illegal immigrants aren't getting access to Mayo Clinic quality healthcare.

Pantagraph.com December 12, 2011 by Nomaan Merchant (Associated Press) and Sophia Tareen

Problems Persist At 3 Immigrant Jails In Ill., Ky

But McCarthy said poor conditions persist. The group focused on three centers in the Midwest that appeared to have the worst conditions.

Among the issues outlined in the report:

Detainees at Jefferson County Jail were told they had to pay for medical treatment, reported excessively cold conditions where they had to share blankets and said they only got a hot meal once every one to two weeks.

 Detainees at Boone County Jail said it was almost impossible to contact attorneys. One detainee said a doctor had told him that a growth on his neck required further testing and might be cancerous, but the detainee was repeatedly denied requests to see a doctor. Another HIV-positive detainee was not allowed to see a doctor for more than six weeks.

Detainees at Tri-County Detention Center said there is only one phone for every 50 detainees, making it difficult to call attorneys.

"For many of the individuals in those facilities, they're not able to make a connection with an attorney and are not aware of their legal rights," McCarthy said.

For all the wailing and gnashing of teeth, this is all that these communist run pressure groups have found, not enough telephones. That is all they could find. It sounds like these facilities are well run. The illegals should be thankful that they are not in custody of Sheriff Joe, living in tents in the desert. But even that is legal.

But of course the facts aren't the important part of the reports by these communist groups. It is the allegation that counts. Most will not even read the story, but only the headline. That is their strategy, make baseless allegations and hope something sticks in the mind of the attention spanless American voter, hoping compassion for a non-existent problem will foil what little enforcement is going on under the Obama Regime. And since ICE is predictably quiet about the lies, hope that the lack of response reinforces the lie.

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