It's Not Easy Being Green, Grinch Edition
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Surrender Dorothy!Kermit the Frog sang "It's Not Easy Being Green", but it wasn't, for once, a metaphor for racial inequality, it was about general self-acceptance.

However, when Gregory Maguire in Wicked wanted to make the Wicked Witch Of The West a sympathetic character, presumably out of a Philip Pullman like hate for traditonal morality, he made her a victim of anti-Green prejudice, as Mark Steyn mentioned in a review of the stage play—see It's Not Easy Being Green, Or Wicked Either.

Mark Steyn has  just reprinted a review of the horrifyingly bad Jim Carrey Grinch movie from 2000

"Unlike the insouciant Dr Seuss, the film feels obliged to give the Grinch a motivation for his meanness. It seems that, as a child in Whoville, he was picked on in school for being green and covered in body hair. As a

Cindy Lou And The Grinch

result, he fled up the mountain to live a hermetic existence, eating glass, talking to his echo and eschewing all company save for his dog. He's riddled with self- loathing, as he periodically confesses to us. Fortunately, an adorable little girl, Cindy Lou Who, has decided that the Grinch is just a big old lovable softie underneath..."

Kids! Don't try this at home.When modern Hollywood tries to make a Christmas movie  and it turns out less heartwarming and lovable than the Boris Karloff version, you know they're not doing well:

"...Whoville is a dull, conformist, materialist dump, simultaneously consumerist and Stalinist — like Ceausescu with a Toys 'R' Us franchise. Predictably enough, contemporary Hollywood is far too nervous and/or Godless to go anywhere near the real meaning of Christmas, so even the happy ending seems hollow and joyless. "

In any event, as far as I know, there is absolute no prejudice against green people.  Star Trek proved that:

Yvonne Craig In Greenface (Also Legs, Etc)



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