Mass Democrats Avoiding Immigration
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Scott Brown recently asked Gov. Deval Patrick to reconsider his opposition to Secure Communities, given the recent wave of immigrant crime committed in Massachusetts.

It’s a smart move, given that Brown is running for reelection. I’ve looked at the websites of all eight Democratic candidates for Senate and they all avoid the topic of immigration, except the one candidate who works as an immigration attorney.

The Democrats problem is that they can’t undermine the position that Gov. Deval Patrick has taken against Secure Communities. Elizabeth Warren, clearly the Democratic frontrunner, told the Boston Herald today.

“I think there’s a real question about whether or not this bill really makes communities more secure,” Warren said. “If people feel like they can’t go to the police . . . that doesn’t make us more secure. I think we really have to think much harder about the ways to make American communities more secure.”

And this, the Left contends, is supposed to be their most cerebral candidate.

Scott Brown may not yet be a champion of immigration enforcement, but he hasn’t wimped out on the issue. His best moment was when he opposed the DREAM Act, despite entreaties from several Massachusetts elites like the President of Harvard University, and an obnoxious sit-in outside his Boston office by pro-amnesty activists.
He is a giant improvement over Teddy Kennedy.

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