Mexico Pipedreams vs. Reality
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A relationship based on the dependence of a less competent party on a more capable one rarely makes the dependent person appreciative, only resentful. So it is with Mexicans and the United States.

Such disagreeable aspects to human psychology don't always reach exalted academics in the ivory tower, who are free to live in a world of unlimited possibility [Give and take across the border: 1 in 7 Mexican workers migrates, SF Chronicle, May 21, 2006].

"We want Mexico to look like Canada," said Stephen Haber, director of Stanford University's Social Science History Institute and a Latin America specialist at the Hoover Institution. "That's the optimal for the United States. We never talk about instability in Canada. We're never concerned about a Canadian security problem. [...] That's the optimal for Mexico: a wealthy and stable country."

What isn't wanted, Haber said, "is an unstable country on your border, especially an unstable country that hates you."

Depite Mr. Haber's hopeful fantasies, that's exactly what we have, a failing state where half of Mexicans believe the country is near chaos. Furthermore, a largely ignored March Zogby poll showed that Mexicans do indeed hate Americans.

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