Mark Krikorian Wonders About ICE's Priorities
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Mark Krikorian tweets this in response to an ICE press release:

This is is not as bad as the petty cases Federale calls "ICE SVU"--these are people who've committed real crimes overseas, and as a result, been adjudged deportable. (That's why they say they're "fugitives.") That means that ICE is, in a modified, limited way, actually doing its job.

Here's a list of some of the fugitives:

  • an individual from South America who assisted for many years in interrogations involving electric shock torture and who beat prisoners;
  • an individual from Central America—an aggravated felon convicted of multiple U.S. drug-related charges—who served as a military police officer for several years and turned over victims to a regime perpetrating documented human rights violations;
  • an individual from East Africa who engaged in torture as an intelligence officer in a specific government regime known to perpetrate torture, murder, and other human rights violations;
  • an individual from the former Yugoslavia who arrested and interrogated victims on behalf of a paramilitary organization dedicated to ethnic cleansing;
  • an individual from Asia who performed false sterilizations upon several female victim patients and supervised dozens of  other false sterilizations and/or forced abortions upon other victim patients.
ICE arrests 50 fugitives across the US during Operation No Safe Haven II, 08/14/2015

Right. Bad people from bad countries. (I wish they'd at least name the countries.) But they're all people who've been bad overseas, although one Central American is also a drug gangster in America. ICE further announced that
ICE is committed to rooting out known or suspected human rights violators who seek a safe haven in the United States. ICE's Human Rights Violators and War Crimes Center investigates human rights violators who try to evade justice by seeking shelter in the United States, including those who are known or suspected to have participated in persecution, war crimes, genocide, torture, extrajudicial killings, and the use or recruitment of child soldiers. These individuals may use fraudulent identities to enter the country and attempt to blend into communities in the United States.
Right! And they do that as part of legal immigration—you can't wade to the US from Yugoslavia. So the ICE, which has stopped deporting illegals, has found some legal immigrants to deport.  It's part of what both Ann Coulter and Paul Nachman wrote recently—the problem with immigration isn't that it's illegal, the problem is who's coming legally.
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