Marco Rubio's Stupid "War With Venezuela" Plan Originally Proposed IN SPANISH On Univision
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Marco Rubio's stupid plan to use American military force against Venezuela, discussed below by Steve Sailer, was originally proposed in Spanish on Univision.

The original is here:

"Las circunstancias han cambiado": Senador Marco Rubio no descarta la opción militar en Venezuela
El senador republicano por Florida sostuvo este martes una reunión en la Casa Blanca con el asesor de Seguridad Nacional, John Bolton, en la cual se trató el tema de Venezuela. Rubio señaló que, aunque durante años abogó por una solución no militar y pacífica en ese país, el régimen de Nicolás Maduro se ha convertido en "una amenaza para la región".

Univision, August 29, 2018

Now, it's extremely unlikely that the circunstancias have cambiado enough to make this anything other than a horrible idea.

But what's an even worse idea is for a United States Senator to be making this kind of policy suggestion in Spanish, on a Spanish-language station controlled by Jorge Ramos. Normal  Americans can't be expected to respond to what Rubio said, because they don't really know what he said, we only have the MSM translation.

In 2013, I pointed out in Rubio, Republicans, “Our New Spanish-Speaking Overlords,” And How To Fight Creeping Bilingualism that Rubio not only gave the response to the State of the Union speech partly in Spanish, below, he gave the GOP response to the Supreme Court’s Obamacare decision partly in Spanish, and spoke in Spanish, briefly, at the Republican Convention.

This, as I pointed out at the time, was not a sign of the US turning into Mexico, but  worse—a symptom of the US turning into Canada, where only bilingual people can rise to the heights of the Federal Civil Service, and Federal politics.This needs to be stopped.

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