Lying Press Inadvertently Exposes Biden Regime Amnesty Strategy Over Haitian Economic Migrants
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Reuters, one of the worst organs of the Lying Press, has inadvertently destroyed the rationale behind the ongoing Biden Regime Administrative Amnesties, especially the Parole Amnesty for Haitians, and others. Reuters has let slip that the zerg rush at the border is not based on refugees fleeing political persecution, but are economic migrants seeking welfare and employment in the United States.

Case in point—the Haitians component of the zerg rush has been exposed by Reuters to be long-term economic migrants who fled Haiti for third countries, primarily Brazil and Chile of all places, then decided to take their chance with the Biden Amnesties. In spite of the Biden Parole Amnesty for Haitians, Mexico is on track to become a second home for Haitians, with the numbers of Haitian illegal aliens increasing.

Asylum claims by Haitians in Mexico are on track to hit a record above 50,000 this year, a top official said, further pressuring the country’s already strained migrant services as many begin to contemplate a future there rather than in the United States.

[Mexico Feels The Strain As Haitian Migrants, Caught In Limbo, Mark Time, by Brendan O’Boyle, Reuters, April 17, 2023]

While the initial part of the piece is about asylum seekers, it is surprisingly soon in the article that O’Boyle outs Haitians as the fraudulent liars they are. This is not about asylum, refugees, or persecution, but about economic motivated illegal aliens.

Further complicating the picture, most Haitians claiming asylum in Mexico do not qualify because they left their homes years ago for economic reasons. They face irregular status if rejected and the risk of deportation.

Authorities say most arrive in Mexico from Chile and Brazil, where they resettled after Haiti’s devastating 2010 earthquake but have been leaving in recent years amid bureaucratic, economic and cultural hurdles.

Kelly Val, 31, spent six years in Chile but left in January with his wife Mikelange Joseph, 30, and nine-month-old Chile-born daughter Cristina.

“I want to stay here a bit, maybe a couple years, to see how it goes,” said Val, who would like to work in the United States but has struggled to schedule an appointment to request asylum using a U.S. government app.

Val said the family liked Chile but left because Mikelange could not obtain migration papers after she joined him in 2021.

The level of truth about the zerg rush is astounding, the fraud of refugees from Haiti seeking protection from persecution is exposed as a fraud. And it exposes the claim that all the illegal aliens need some special accommodation for some vague “vulnerability” is exposed as well.

An interesting note is that Haitian migrants who live in Chile do not acquire citizenship for their children born in Chile. Wisely, Chile does not recognize birth in Chile by temporary alien residents as qualifying for citizenship. Hence Haitians are moving on to the United States.


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