Obama Not Really Profiling Yet, Despite Hype
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Stories like today's U.S. Intensifies Air Screening for Fliers From 14 Nations [By Eric Lipton, New York Times] suggest that under the Obama administration, the TSA and Homeland Security are finally trying to protect the country from Muslim terrorists by profiling Muslims. They're not. Steve Sailer's piece ”No Smoking Gun”? What About Detroit Bomber’s Profile? has not been overtake by events.

Lawrence Auster writes at View From The Right that

Obama orders global profiling of Muslims!

NBC News reports:

All travelers flying into the U.S. from 14 nations considered high risk will be patted down and have carry-on luggage searched under new security procedures starting Monday, the Transportation Security Administration said Sunday.
And guess what: 13 of the 14 countries are Muslim, and the 14th is Communist Cuba.[More]
That's "global" profiling, not racial or religious profiling. They're profiling certain countries.

This has always been legal—the United States Government can decide who gets into the country on a national basis without the Fourteenth Amendment being involved. (As I explained once before, the Supreme Court has taken the Fourth Amendment and the Fourteenth Amendment and rolled them together to make it law that differential racial crime rates, no matter how true, are not evidence.)

What they're not doing is searching Muslims in America, or searching Muslims coming from non-Islamic countries. Like Richard Reid, a "Briton" who was flying from France, or the recent Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab , a Nigerian Muslim who was flying from Amsterdam.

The fellow being patted down above is not flying from an American airport, but from Benazir Bhutto Airport in Islamabad, Pakistan. At Benazir Bhutto, everybody is a Muslim, but the security guards no doubt have their eye out for advanced cases.

In an American airport, would the same man be searched? I doubt it.

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