Lodi and Linguistic Enclaves
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Daniel Pipes has a roundup of questions about the Lodi, CA Pakistanis who've are suspected of terrorism. One of his questions:

Hamid Hayat, 22, arrested on his return from what he admits was a jihadist camp in Pakistan, is an American citizen born in Stockton, California who attended school (though only up to the sixth grade) in the United States. That being the case, why does the Los Angeles Times write that, "Apparently unable to follow the proceedings in English, Hayat listened with the help of an Urdu translator"? Does Lodi contain an Urdu-speaking ghetto? (In the absence of the two imams yesterday, the mosque service was held in Urdu.)

In fact there is an Urdu speaking ghetto in Lodi, (to go with the Spanish speaking one.) there are a lot of linguistic enclaves in modern day America, and the Lodi News-Sentinel reported in 2001 that around 80 percent of Pakistanis in Lodi were not fluent in English.

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