Lindsey Graham’s Right: The Answer To Terrorism ISN’T Racism. It’s Deportation
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Sen. Lindsey Grahamnesty, R-Treason Lobby, virtue signaled mightily on CNN today.
“The one thing I’ve learned after 42 trips to the region is that the antidote to terrorism is not racism and religious bigotry. When you embrace religious bigotry, when you say that all Muslims are the same, then you’re undercutting our effort to win the war.”
We all agree, including the president. The president did not advocate racism or religious intolerance. He retweeted videos, as I reported, that purport to show an ugly truth about Muslims. Many of them are intolerant. Many of them hate the countries giving them welfare. Many of them want to see Islam—regardless of the mess it has made the countries they left—supreme across Europe.

So, Graham is right. The answer to terrorism isn’t racism or religious intolerance. The answer is deportation. No Muslims. No terrorism.

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