Tucker Carlson Blames Liberalism for Worsened Homelessness
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The Fox News host was apparently shocked by seeing large tent cities during recent visits to New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Washington. He is right to point out the failure in liberal policies that ignore the poverty on display on public streets, and he is amazed there is so little concern among the local governments.

Actually, San Francisco has struggled unsuccessfully to grapple with huge numbers of homeless camped on the street, having spent $275 million in the recent fiscal year. The success of the tech industry has attracted many workers who have pushed rents up even higher. However, the city’s extensive services may perversely exacerbate the problem by making making homelessness more survivable.

Below, a San Francisco homeless person receives box lunches delivered on Division Street.


Tucker could also have mentioned the national policy of admitting huge numbers of poor immigrants and illegal aliens who compete for the same housing as well as jobs that low-income Americans seek. Why import poor people when our own struggle to maintain even the basics of life? Homelessness is worsened by immigration, particularly in diverse communities like Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Times reported in June that Hispanic homelessness is surging in the county, up by up by 63 percent in the past year.

TUCKER CARLSON: Superficially America’s major cities are richer than ever, more and more luxury apartments going up, many of them selling to foreigners; many trendy restaurants, artisanal shops. Hip professionals love big cities. But while our cities have become a playground for the wealthy and their children, things are not looking as good for everyone else. San Francisco, New York, other cities are losing middle-class residents at a frightening clip, poverty rates remain high. Homelessness, while declining nationwide, is hitting record levels in the big cities. If you’ve been to any of them, you know — tent cities everywhere. Liberals dominate every major city: is homelessness and the disappearance of the middle class connected to their economic policies and their social policies?
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