Limbaugh On Amnesty: He's Starting To Get The "Electing A New People" Thing
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One of our readers writes

I tuned to Rush Limbaugh from about 1:15 to 1:30 today. He reported on the Numbers USA estimate that 33 million immigrants would enter the country in the next 10 years if the amnesty bill passes. He discussed the bogus 11 million number promoted by the Gang of 8 and said he had never heard 11 million before. It was always 12 to 20 million. He said he guessed that 11 million sounds better than 20 million.

He also played a clip of McCain stating yesterday at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast in DC that the Republicans would not get one new vote from the amnesty bill, but it would enable them to make conservative arguments to Hispanics. Limbaugh asked what's stopping you from making conservative arguments now? Why do you have to pass amnesty first?

Then he took a call from a man who noted that much of the Republican base had stayed home rather than vote for Romney and asked what would happen to the base. Limbaugh said if amnesty passes, the base will disintegrate and the Republican Party will cease to exist, citing the Politico article. He added that even it the base stuck with the party, they would be outvoted by 30 million new Democrats.

Also, yesterday, Mark Levin denounced Jennifer Rubin as a phony conservative working for the Washington Post.

Limbaugh transcript: The Amnesty Bill is GOP Suicide

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