John McCain: “I Believe If We Pass This Legislation, It Won’t Gain Us A Single Hispanic Vote"
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In what refers to as "straight talk", John McCain told a Christian Science Monitor breakfast

“I believe if we pass this legislation, it won’t gain us a single Hispanic vote, but what it will do is put us a playing field where we can compete. Right now we can’t compete,” he said at a breakfast hosted by the Christian Science Monitor. “The numbers in the last couple of elections authenticate that statement..."

The numbers in the last elections include, of course, McCain's awful showing with the Hispanic vote. See Meghan McCain Shocked That The Hispanics Didn't Vote For Her Father, But Preferred A Democrat From A Minority Group, in which I pointed out that

There are two reasons that Hispanics wouldn't vote for John McCain, no matter how willing he was to betray his country over amnesty. The first is that Hispanics were voting their own ethnic interests—see The Secret of Speedy Gonzales: Hispanic Race Consciousness, by the late Sam Francis.

The concept of loyalty to your own ethnic group is not something John McCain is big on.

The second reason Hispanics voted for Obama, not McCain, is that they're Democratsrace is destiny in American politicsand they voted for Obama out of party loyalty.

The concept of party loyalty is really not something John McCain is big on.

McCain got 31 percent of the Hispanic vote, but he still would have won if he'd rallied whites to vote for him.

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