Limbaugh Has Uses! Correctly Trashes Cain
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Remember Colin Powell's unswerving loyalty to the GOP?

Although I am informed Rush Limbaugh continues, shamefully, to keep immigration issues off his show he has done a signal service: trashing Herman Cain.

This is about the ridiculous Perry/ N——gate story.  (I have been told not to use the word because of search engine sensibilities. Welcome to the Land of the Free.)


"RUSH: I’m gonna tell you, this is really disappointing to me. Herman Cain. I liked Herman Cain…They’re trying to say that Perry’s a racist, and Herman Cain has jumped in and basically joined that chorus — and it is absurd…here you have the Washington Post with an unsupported nonstory, and here comes Herman Cain piggybacking on it trying to capitalize on it, essentially letting the mainstream media (in this case, the Washington Post) set the narrative."
Limbaugh then went on to attack Cain over his pandering to the homosexual lobby over the “Gay soldier booing” story:

Herman Cain Piggybacks on WaPo's Perry Smear and Obama's Debate Lie The Rush Limbaugh show October 3rd 2010

The GOP has experienced the Michael Steele fiasco, and even worse, the Colin Powell betrayal. To say nothing of Obama’s reversion to divisive racially driven ethnic electioneering – no surprise: read Steve Sailer’s book.

The overwhelming probability is that Cain is just another racial-spoils garnering operative—and his betrayal of fellow GOP candidate Perry essentially proves it.

Why would any GOP voter take such a risk?

Needless to say, I am very surprised to be defending Perry!



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