Land Of The Free? AmRen Conference Cancelled Again (#4)
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Our main story last night was The Saga Of American Renaissance's 2010 Conference: "Anarcho-Tyranny" In Action. Anarcho-Tyranny continues. American Renaissance's Jared Taylor just (7:08 pm) sent out this email:

Dear AR conference registrant, We regret to inform you that at 6:30 pm today, February 17, the Capitol Skyline hotel, which had promised to withstand any pressure, canceled the conference. We informed the hotel of all circumstances surround the previous cancellations, including death threats, and the hotel still agreed to hold the conference. We had every reason to believe it would hold firm. We feel just as betrayed as you do. We will be in touch later to discuss how to handle refunds of conference registrations and other matters. Best regards, Jared Taylor

My question: where are the police? And...what happened to the"Land of The Free"?

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