Daily Caller Notes "Immigration Hawks" Dislike Perry (But Misrepresents Bachmann)
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On Tuesday The Daily Caller produced Immigration hawks: Hit Perry on his record By Caroline May, September 20, 2011

"Immigration has taken a back seat to the economy and jobs this primary season, much to the chagrin of immigration hawks who are concerned that current Republican front-runner Rick Perry is escaping scrutiny for his immigration record as governor of Texas"

What chagrins those with a real understanding of the matter, of course, is that immigration is central to "jobs and the economy" as Peter Brimelow pointed out last Thursday:

"Unemployment is an immigration issue, as VDARE.com has said repeatedly. Every palliative has failed, and there is literally no other answer except a crackdown on the illegal presence and a moratorium on legal immigration. Even my highly politic old friend David Frum has been mentioning this option recently, so it must now be considered acceptable in Establishment circles, even if some mysterious force keeps it out of public debate.

As I wrote in Alien Nation back in 1995 (!), there is an immigration dimension to virtually every public policy issue—certainly to "Economy in General" and "Federal budget deficit"…immigration is the Queen of American public policy issues. And none can be fully solved without addressing it."

May has a neat quote from Mark Krikorian (miss-spelled Kirkorian):

"“Perry has a certain amount of insulation on the immigration issue, [and it] isn’t just that his opponents haven’t really attacked him on it, it’s because it goes counter to his cowboy-shooting Texas swagger,” Mark Kirkorian, executive director for The Center for Immigration Studies, told The DC.

“People expect him to be really tough on immigration and they expect the elite East Coast Rockefeller Romney to be terrible on immigration,” Kirkorian continued. “The fact that it’s the opposite is a difficult thing to communicate."

Krikorian’s CIS colleague Ronald Mortensen has discussed the true Perry/Romney immigration contrast very well, as I noted in  C.I.S. BEGS Romney: Sink The Immigration Sword Into Rick Perry!

A useful piece, although May does misrepresent the NumbersUSA situation:

"...Numbers USA, a limited immigration group, gave Perry a D- for his record (in fairness the rest of the GOP field hovers in the “D” and “C” range)"

They don’t.

Michelle Bachmann is far and away the best on the Numbers USA ranking, with a B- ranking, e.g. 3 grades above the next highest, Romney and Cain at C- and 6 grades above Perry. (Her Congressional career ranking is A.)

Is the Daily Caller vetoing Michelle Bachmann?

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