Libertarianism Inc. Missing the Point With Anti-Cop Pose
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If libertarians want to actually limit government rather than simply plundering what remains of Conservatism, Inc., it would be smart for them to stop taking our (relatively) peaceful and orderly society for granted. Needless to say, free markets don’t flourish when rioters are burning down privately-owned businesses. Doesn’t torching an immigrant’s Quik-E Mart violate the Non-Aggression Principle? Perhaps an intellectual can explain to Middle America how the black underclass is exempt, but a white man is not.

The libertarian is supposed to be fighting for the rights of the people like the petty merchants whose businesses the rioters are destroying. The rioter who destroys his shop and threatens his life is a more direct threat than the policeman who collects taxes and keeps the more dangerous men away from his property.

As Henry Dampier writes,

Contemporary libertarians who support rioters above police adhere to their own theories, which are obscure and alien to the common people, above the facts of actual events happening outside of their windows.

Arguments about the ‘NAP’ and the ‘absolute right to property’ spoken on one day, in private, become irrelevant to the minds of the common people when they see a libertarian spokesperson go on television and say that the police are at fault, and that the mob (invariably a socialist-democratic mob) is correct to be incensed.

[The Anti-Cop Pose is a Libertarian Strategic Error,, January 3, 2015]

Nowadays, living in majority-black areas puts one in a Hobbesian state of war against one’s neighbors. As has noted, “the expectation of physical safety, respect for public and private property, or basic standards of social decorum are simply absent from vast swathes of what used to be our country” inhabited by blacks fed, clothed, and cared for by our welfare state.

It’s important to recall this observation as black activists target their most sympathetic supporters for racial harassment: White New Yorkers eating brunch. With arrests plummeting in New York City after the assassination of two cops as revenge for Eric Garner’s death, there are no NYPD forces to haul off blacks who storm restaurants and scream in patrons’ faces. [Black Protesters Storm NYC Restaurants – Target & Harass White People Eating Brunch, Jim Hoft,, January 4, 2015] Illegally blocking traffic on freeways apparently didn’t get the message across.

America subsidizes a large, violent, low-functioning minority population that requires constant policing — along with massive wealth transfers justified on racial grounds. A Libertarian president could not cut taxes without first doing away with that entitlement spending, or halt the trend of police militarization without quashing social unrest. No significant policy changes can be made in a Balkanized society where it’s racist to enforce the law.

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