CHARLIE HEBDO: Enoch Powell's Warning Forgotten...By His Biographer!
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Bigfoot (well, in Britain) conservative opinion journalist Simon Heffer has a strange piece in today’s MailOnline about yesterday’s terrorist attack in France.

He blames it on the native French:

France has an abominable record of managing its Muslim community—which has, in turn, become increasingly radicalised in the grim suburbs (banlieues) of northern Paris, from which countless young men have gone to fight as jihadis in Syria …

In the 1960s and 1970s, economic boom years in France, there was a huge immigration of labourers from Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. But they were dumped in ghettos without any thought given to their integration …

Perhaps it is not surprising that young Muslims who have grown up in the squalid banlieues, feeling they are victims of racism and persecution, regard themselves as soldiers in a modern-day extension of the old colonial wars.

You would never know from reading Heffer’s piece that great numbers of Europeans “in the 1960s and 1970s” saw plainly the folly of allowing mass Third World immigration.

Those numbers even included a few politicians:  the English parliamentarian Enoch Powell, for example … of whom Simon Heffer wrote a 1,000-page biography, mostly sympathetic.


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