Black Police Chief of Savannah, GA Admits the Truth to Local NAACP Chapter: Blacks Represent Almost Every Nonfatal Shooting Suspect in 2019
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Years ago, a Savannah debutante, Jennifer Ross (right) was murdered on Christmas Eve.

She was a white female, her murderers were black men. They shot her in the back and laughed about it later in court.

It was big news for the centuries old southern city, because crime in this haunted municipality tends to be intra-racial.

This writer happened to be not far from where the inter-racial murder took place, and foolishly wondered if it would be national news.

Obviously, it would not.

Flash-forward to 2019, and the majority black city of Savannah is home to one of the most violent populations in America. Any guess as to who/whom is responsible? One hint: President Donald Trump is constantly bragging about how low their unemployment rate is…

Savannah police chief calls for community engagement at NAACP meeting,, January 26, 2020

Savannah police Chief Roy Minter stressed the importance of community involvement while discussing the city’s 2019 crime trends at the monthly meeting of the Savannah Branch of the NAACP on Sunday.

The police chief, entering his second year in the post, told those in attendance about the things he set out to address within the department in 2019, including raising the salaries of newly hired officers, making a more equitable pay structure for senior staff members and upgrading the technology used by officers in the field.

Minter’s presentation [Audio] comes just days after two Savannah police officers shot and killed 22-year-old Deandre Seaborough-Patterson, who the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said pointed a gun at officers.

Minter mentioned the shooting briefly in his presentation, saying it was one of “the challenges that we face on a daily basis.”

He stressed the need for community involvement, asking those in attendance to come forward with crime tips.

“Someone once asked me, they said, ‘You know what, chief? When crime goes up in the community, people are quick to blame the police chief; they’re quick to blame the sheriff.’ But they said, ‘You know what? Who holds the community accountable?’” Minter said.

Minter said that this year, he hopes to have residents become a more integral part of policing the city, pointing to a citizen-based initiative used in Texas by Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson.

One of the strategies in Dallas’ initiative was to “hire and train credible messengers from within high violence neighborhoods as violence interrupters to keep resolvable conflicts from escalating into gun violence,” Minter said.

Other facets of the Dallas task force that Minter hopes to incorporate in 2020 include adding lighting in dimly lit areas of the city and putting more cameras in high crime areas.

Shootings remained prevalent in 2019, especially shootings involving young black men. The chief said the Central Precinct and East Side Precinct saw the most nonviolent shootings.

Minter said that last year, 92% of the victims of nonfatal shootings in Savannah were black, and 52% of victims were between the ages of 16 and 24. Of those shooting victims, 83% were black men.

Minter said the department’s Violent Crimes Task Force alone made 523 felony arrests, 280 misdemeanor arrests and confiscated “almost 270 weapons” and over $200,000 in currency.

“It’s time for us and Savannah to have a very loud and a very proud anti-violence message,” Minter said. “We need an anti-violence message that is not just preached, but it needs to be screamed from the pulpits in our community. It needs to be screamed from the schools. It needs to be screamed in the streets and it needs to be screamed in the homes. People need to know how serious our community is about violence in the community.”

The black police chief of Savannah basically told the NAACP of this city to tell blacks to stop committing all of the crime, and then blaming cops for it happening.

Jennifer Ross would be 33 today had she not been shot in the back by three black males on Christmas Eve back in 2005. No one remembers her name or the circumstances surrounding her death (three black men murdered her), but we must constantly pretend the source of black criminality in Savannah is anyone else’s fault save the individual black people collectively committing it.

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