Lawrence Auster Replies On Ann Coulter And Immigration
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My post below, Ann Coulter Praises Brimelow And Alien Nation On Dennis Miller; Lawrence Auster Not Satisfied, has received a reasonably gracious response from Lawrence Auster.

Not surprisingly he feels he's basically right—everybody, not just Auster, feels they're basically right—and he may even have something there, in the sense that Ann Coulter, like many conservatives, has concentrated on the "illegal" aspect of illegal immigration, rather than the crisis of legal immigration.

Dear Mr. Fulford,
Thanks for correcting me on Ann Coulter's record on immigration. I think that, in writing from memory, I misstated the record, including what I myself had previously said on the subject. I'm going to have to read all the articles of hers that you link in order to post a full and correct response to you on this. However, though it appears I did mischaracterize her record somewhat, I think (though I won't be sure until I read all her articles) that I had it basically right. That is, it would appear that almost all the columns she has written since 2006 have been on the subject of illegal immigration and amnesty, not on the legal immigration and the racial, cultural, and political changes it has caused in America.
And this in fact was my previous criticism of her (which I had forgotten when I wrote my most recent post). In a March 2010 update to my June 2007 entry on her article "Bush's America: Roach Motel," I acknowledged that she had written several articles on immigration, but pointed out that they were all on illegal immigration and amnesty:
"Note, March 28, 2010: I just came upon this entry, and saw my prediction that Coulter would not revisit the [legal immigration] issue again. So I did a search of her articles at There were a few columns, almost all from 2006-2007, criticizing amnesty. There was no further column mentioning America’s existing immigration law—particularly the 1965 Immigration Act which opened America’s borders to the world—and how it is transforming America racially, culturally, politically, and economically. So my prediction in June 2007 was correct. After coming out of the immigration closet for one second, after 13 years of stone cold silence, Coulter went back into it again and has never re-emerged. In her entire career as a prominent conservative commentator who is known for saying whatever she wants to say, no matter how outrageous or politically incorrect, her sole contribution to the immigration debate (as distinct from the no-brainer illegal immigration debate) has been a single column."
[end of March 2010 note.]  


Since it may be a while before I can read all the Coulter articles and write a full response to your post, I would appreciate it very much if, in the meantime, you would post this email at Vdare. Thank you.
Lawrence Auster
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