Ann Coulter Praises Brimelow And ALIEN NATION On Dennis Miller; Lawrence Auster Not Satisfied
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View From The Right's Lawrence Auster, AKA “The Man Who Is Never Satisfied”, has an item titled it As I hoped, Ann Coulter is addressing immigration again [November 07, 2012]

One of his readers reports hearing Ann Coulter on Dennis Miller’s radio show [Subscriber link]

“talking about demographics and how we should’ve listened to Pat Buchanan and Peter Brimelow. She even mentioned Brimelow’s book Alien Nation.”

To which Auster replies:

“But where was she? Did she ever promote Buchanan’s and Brimelow’s views of immigration during her almost 20 years as a nationally prominent columnist? No. In her entire career she has written a total of two columns on the subject of immigration, only one of them (published last summer, when she began to realize that demographics likely doomed the Republican party) touching on legal immigration.”[More, all links added by]

Here is a list of both columns that Ann Coulter has written on immigration in recen years, taken from a search of her website:

Those two columns are the ones in which immigration is the main subject.  There are five pages of Google results where immigration is mentioned.'s Patrick Cleburne particularly appreciated the one about deporting  the GOP Establishment. My favorite out of both those columns is the one we reproduced on our site in 2006: Read My Lips: No New Amnesty.

That one not only quoted Peter Brimelow and referred to Alien Nation, but it quoted

“How about the proposal made on Brimelow's website,, that illegal immigrants be told they have two months to leave the country voluntarily and not have their breaking of our immigration laws held against them when they apply for citizenship from their home countries – or not leave and be banned from U.S. citizenship forever?”

As a result of that column, Harper Collins sold out of copies of Alien Nation.

Whereupon, inexplicably—in the midst of the Bush Amnesty Wars—Harper Collins refused to reprint it. There are still some paperbacks available, but we got the rights back and made a free download in PDF form available from We plan to have a Kindle version available soon.

Update: Auster replies.

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