Laura Ingraham Cuts Up Cheap Labor Lobby Housemaid Renee Ellmers (NC-2).
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H/T  One Old Vet

Renee Ellmers (Cheap Labor Lobby – NC2) has emerged as a Poster girl for why White Americans don’t bother to vote. Having narrowly defeated a 7 term Democratic incumbent in 2010 and briefly shown faint signs of Immigration Patriotism she has now sold out totally to the Slave Power. Her Numbers USA ranking has fallen from B+ to C+ and last month she was inept enough to keynote an Amnesty cheerleading event hosted by the disgusting Tamar Jacoby which I discussed in Renee Ellmers (NC 2) Outed As Cheap Labor Lobby Servant. Now she has been on Laura Ingraham’s radio show with appalling results

Laura Ingraham versus Renee Ellmers: GOP Rep Calls Radio Host 'Ignorant' on Immigration 13 mar 2014 reports

I stand with my North Carolina farmers who say this is an issue that needs to be reformed,” Ellmers said. “I’m not going to take an ignorant position as you have on this issue.”

“So it’s ignorant to follow the rule of law, to believe in an orderly process of immigration,” Ingraham shot back. “To follow our sovereignty, not our emotions?”

The interview consisted of Ellmers chanting Treason Lobby slogans such as the need to “bring illegals out of the shadows” apparently unaware that as Ingraham pointed out these are the war cries of  the likes of Chuck Schumer. She was unable to counter any argument except with abuse and seems to think her constituents are entirely agribusiness moguls. On the ropes she did reflexively say she did not favor more immigration but at that point she was reeling so badly the statement is not worth the paper it was written on.

Laura Ingraham is clearly the most effective Patriotic combatant allowed on the MSM this cycle – no wonder she has been excluded from the DC market. See her destruction of Bill O’Reilly here, George Will here – and here she says the unsayable about the influence of Treason Lobby money.

Renee Ellmers has a Primary opponent

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